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Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. sharp cookie. Sharp cookie. Someone who isn't easily deceived or fooled is a sharp cookie. The small dictionary of idiomes. 2014.

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2014. sharp as a tack; sharpen your pencil; Look at other dictionaries: Someone who isn t easily deceived or fooled is a sharp cookie. (Dorking School Dictionary) *** Someone who is not easily fooled or deceived is a sharp cookie. You can t fool my grandmother.

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Giedion found the origins of new regionalism in Finland, thus a. book on as such but more of an improver who, through a sharp eye trained on whatever was. fracture or permanent plastic deformation due to friction from a sharp object. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas HarperScience definitions for  acute a.

Sharp cookie etymology

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Dan: "I'm having a heck of a time doing my taxes, I just don't understand it at all." Steve: "You should get in … moniker applied to a person thought to be especially bright. Usually used by somewhat quaint or old-fashioned people. 2008-06-14 But this may be Sanskrit folk etymology, and the word may be from an ancient Dravidian word that also produced the Malayalam name for the spice, inchi-ver, from inchi "root." The word apparently was readopted in Middle English from Old French gingibre (12c., Modern French gingembre). The musical meaning "half step above (a given tone)" is from 1570s. Meaning "stylish" is from 1944, hepster slang, from earlier general slang sense of "excellent" (1940). Phrase sharp as a tack first recorded 1912 (sharp as a needle has been around since Old English).

She's a sharp cookie and will have no trouble seeing a sales pitch for what it is. sharp cookie. A particularly smart, witty, or clever person. Dan: "I'm having a heck of a time doing my taxes, I just don't understand it at all." Steve: "You should get in touch with my uncle, he's one sharp cookie!" moniker applied to a person thought to be especially bright. Usually used by somewhat quaint or old-fashioned people. 2008-06-13 · SMART COOKIE meaning a “bright, intelligent, shrewd, opportunistic person, a sagacious judge of things, purportedly first appeared (according to Cassell's) in the 1920s (earliest quotes I found were from the 1940s).
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Sharp cookie etymology

Apr 26 Word of the Day. factory settings. 1. The default beliefs installed when you were a child. 2.

Get a This etymology appears at the beginning of Book X (De Vocabulis) in Isidore of Seville’s Etymologiarum Sive Origines Libri XX.It is a prime example of the kind of medieval etymologizing that seems almost flauntingly at variance with a persistent notion of “scientific etymology,” the Sprachwissenschaft—or Science of Language—pioneered by nineteenth-century German scholars and tacitly Definition of Sharp practice in the Fine Dictionary.
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The nickname is of course completed by 'Borussia', which while stemming from the  A phrase meaning in good and seamanlike order with reference to the condition of a ship. The expression had its origin when Bristol was the major west coast  Meaning · very rarely · once after a long time · something that happens very seldom · on rare occasions · almost never · hardly ever  Rhymes: -ɪk. Etymology 1Edit.

Vi har erfarenhet av hur företag bäst hanterar digitaliseringen och drar ökad nytta av användardata. Cookie Name: First or Third-Party Cookie: Persistent or Session Cookie : Purpose cookie is used for: ReddotliveserversessionID: First party: Session: Session Handling: First party: Session: Load balancing: _ga _gat _gid: First party: Persistent: Google Analytics: collect: First party: Session: Google Analytics.wmx_ld: First party: Session: Session handling Идиоматическое выражение: сообразительный (человек, которого непросто обмануть, одурачить) Sharp Cookie Advisors AB är verksam inom juridiska byråers verksamhet m.m.